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How It Works

1- Create a 2 stepped email campaign

Import your contacts and compose your initial (1st step) email. Customize reply button texts and links according to the replies you want to get. Then compose auto-reply (2nd step) emails and they will be triggered according to replies you get.

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2- Recipient clicked to a reply button

When a recipient clicks to a reply button to the 1st email, they are directed to a thank you page. We record this reply and send you a notification email with details on who clicked to which reply.

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3- Auto-reply (2nd step) triggered

When you get a 1-click reply to 1st email, the personalized auto-reply will be triggered and will be sent at the time you have set. You will get a notification email when you get a reply for this email.

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4- Segment easily

Ok, now you got 2 trackable email replies. You can segment your users by filtering replies and understand which users could be potential customers.

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5- Export data

Filter and export potential users and target them on ad channels or other marketing tools. Focus on who are more likely to convert.

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