Starting campaign

Unfortunately, it is not possible for now but we are working on it. You can use Replybutton with Gmail and Gsuite accounts. SMTP and Outlook integrations coming soon.

Not for now but we are working on it. Integrations coming soon.

When you start to create a campaign, you can add a new Google email account under the ‘From address’ tab. Click ‘Connect a new Google email account’ and allow Replybutton to connect with your account.

You can add a new Google email account when starting a new campaign. Click on the "Connect a new Google email account" button under the ‘From address’ tab. Please note that you may get asked to upgrade your subscription before being able to do this. With user you purchase with your Replybutton subscription, you get one email account.

Uploading CSV File

Google Sheet
The easiest way is to use a Google Sheet. Click the ‘File’ tab on the Google Sheet and then click ‘Download as’ . Choose ‘Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet) and it’s ready.

To create a CSV file with Google Sheet, just click this link.

Click ‘File’ tab and then click ‘Save as’. Choose ‘Comma Separated Values (.csv) ‘ under the format tab and it’s ready.

Mapping helps us to understand you data. We need to know which column has email addresses. For email and name field, choose the matching column header in your file that matches. The first row in your CSV file should be the header

If you are having problems uploading a CSV file or your CSV file isn't being accepted, please check the rules below. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

  • Files must be in .csv format
  • Recipients can not be more than 2.000 in a sheet
  • Files must be smaller than 1 MB
  • Cells cannot contain paragraphs
  • Make sure each column has a heading
  • If your email column is missing any emails, delete those rows.
  • Delete any rows or columns that are completely empty

Compose Messages

After writing your email, click the ‘Save Template’ in the toolbar. Give a title to your template and click save.

Click the ‘Choose Template’ in the toolbar and open templates. Choose the one fits your needs and click ‘Use this template’.

First you need to upload your image somewhere to get a public link. Then click ‘Insert/edit image’ icon and insert the link in to source field.

Do not write a link directly into email body. Click ‘Insert/edit’ link icon and write the link in the url field. To get statistic and learn who clicked your links, you must use this. If not, we can not record the link clicks.

Click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in the toolbar and the link will be automatically added. Also to change the displayed text, choose the unsubscribe text, it should seem blue. Then click the ‘Insert/Edit Link’ button in the toolbar. And then write what you want to ‘Text to display’ area.

Click the ‘Send Test’ button in the toolbar. Write the your email address and click ‘Send’.

Go to Email Accounts on the left menu. Add your signature under your email account and then click save. It automatically adds to the every message you send from the email account.


Click ‘Insert’ in the toolbar and choose which replacement you want to add. After choosing, fill the fallback text area. Fallback text means that if one of recipients don’t have the replacement you choose, system will use the fallback text.

If you want to use {{first name}}, you can try {{first name:there}}.
If your recipients have a name field, it will be like ‘Hi John’
If your recipients don’t have a name field, it will be like ‘Hi there’

First insert the text replacement with choosing from the ‘Insert’ button. After it adds to the message body, just copy and paste it to the subject line. It’s done! You can use the same type of text replacements in subject lines.

Choose the Campaign and click the ‘Messages’. Then click ‘Edit Message’ button. Just insert the replacement text you want to the message, it’s the same with composing message. Don’t forget the click Save after you made changes.If the message sent, the changes will not effect. You will see ‘ (Sent) ‘ on the right of the subject line if the message is sent.

Reply Buttons

Reply buttons appear default in your email body. If you don't want to use reply buttons, you can remove by clicking the 'Remove' button under the reply buttons. If you want to add again, click the ‘Add Reply Buttons’ in the toolbar.

You can see the reply button click statistics under the campaign overview.

After the click, the 'Thank you' page opens automatically and the reply you get recorded to your account. You will be informed with an email for each reply.

We just record the first reply the recipient click. After that if they click another reply, we will not record it.

Not for now but we are working on it.

Preview Messages

You can create a campaign now but schedule to send later. Just click on switch button in the Preview page and set the date and time you want to start campaign.

Campaign Overview

Go to your campaign and click ‘Settings’ . Change the title and click ‘Save’.

Go to your campaign and click ‘Settings’ . Change the name and click ‘Save’. If your campaign is sent it will not effect. Emails which are not sent will be sent with the new name.

Click the green switch button on the up left side of the page. If you pause the campaign, no more emails will be sent. You can switch to continue the campaign again.

If you need to stop one of the messages, just go to ‘Messages’ under the Campaign overview. Just click the green switch button on the left of the email subject and then it stops.

Choose the campaign and click on the ‘Campaign Actions’ button on the right top. Click ‘Delete’ and it’s done. Don’t forget, if you delete a campaign, all the data belong to that campaign will be deleted.


Use "Unsubscribe" button on the ‘Compose Message’ step to add an unsubscribe link to any message. Unsubscribe links don't work in test emails. Campaigns must be active for them to work.

You can click on the "Unsubscribes" link in the left menu to see who has unsubscribed. From here you can remove people from the unsubscribe list, if they were added by mistake. Click the checkbox on the left of the recipient and just click ‘Delete’ button.

Email Accounts

Choose ‘Email Accounts’ tab on the left menu and set your signature. Don’t forget to save.

You can change it from the ‘Email Accounts’ tab on the left menu. Write the new name and click ‘Save’. Also when creating a new campaign, you can change it again.

Click ‘Account Settings’ on the left menu and then click ‘Delete Account’ button. If you delete your account, all your data will be lost.


Click the button on the top right under your name and choose ‘Change Team’. And select the other team.

Click the button on the top right under your name and choose ‘Change Team’. And click ‘Create a new one’.

Under the team settings, click the ‘Delete’ and done! If you have just 1 team, you can not delete because you have to belong to a team.

Under the ‘Team Members’ tab on the left menu, you can find the ‘Invite Member’ area. Write your team member’s name and email address. An email goes to them with an link in it. When they click the link, they can easily join your team. If you just paid for the 1 account, you need to first pay for a new account and then you can invite a member.

You can change from the ‘Team Settings’ tab on the left menu. Click save after changing the name.

Google quotas

Google has daily limits on how much email you're allowed to send, but even if you don't go over that limit they can throttle your sending for any reason. You can check our recommendations below. If you've been suspended by Google then you should reevaluate your sending and contact them to see what you can do to get reinstated.

1. Limits For Gmail
500 emails per day.
Find more detailed information here

2. Limits For Gsuite
2.000 emails per day
Find more detailed information here

3. Our Suggestion
We suggest to send around 50-100 emails per day. It’s important to be in their inbox not spam folder.

Here are a couple of words to avoid in your email subject lines:

  • Free
  • Financial freedom
  • Make money online
  • Credit card offer
  • Cash bonus
  • Apply now
  • $$$
  • Weight loss
  • Order now
  • Price
  • Increase sales

First read the ‘Google Bulk Senders Guideline’ to make sure you are doing things right to make your campaign successful.

  • Do not send emails from a address. Get a G Suite account.
  • If your Google email account is new, do not send too many emails with the first campaign. First, warm up around 1 month before your first campaign. Send emails to your friends, family and others and get some reply. Increase your domain reputation.
  • Do not use spammy words
  • Do not include to many images in your email
  • Include an unsubscribe link
  • Keep your email content clean and simple with minimal formatting
  • Send emails from your personal account not from info accounts.
  • Personalize the emails
  • Do not send too many emails at once every day

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